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We are an interior décor firm that crosses contemporary Western design with traditional Japanese aesthetics. We are designers that prize the art of hand craftsmanship honed over generations. We are a furniture manufacturer that believes in using the finest materials. We are a responsible global citizen who employs sustainable production practices. We are Zipangu. We design and manufacture beautiful, finely crafted pieces of furniture, lighting, and other interior décor to serve your hospitality, commercial, and residential needs.


Zipangu was stared in 2012 with a mission: to integrate into modern décor the exquisite, artisanal textiles that are part of the 1000-year-old Japanese kimono tradition. Our upholstered pieces meld contemporary comfort with luxurious obi and kimono fabrics. Our tables and shelving combine simple, sleek lines with gentle, organic motifs that evoke the elements of the natural world and provide calm. For centuries, Japanese homes, inns, and public buildings have been built to create an easy flow between the natural world on the outside and the interior. Our modern furnishings honor this aesthetic.


We invite you to browse our pages and find something that will bring elegance and a sense of well-being to your hotel, office, or home. We look forward to hearing from you and to serving your interior décor needs.

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